Support Services

MAIN CAMPUS: 513-695-2900

Pam Tone513-695-2900, x1312
Director of Support Staff/Admin Asst. to Supt.

Kim Cochran513-695-2900, x2982
Administrative Assistant/Special Education

Cindy Loesch513-695-2900, x2932
EMIS Coordinator

Dawn Schroeder, 513-695-2900, x2980

Dee Wilms, 513-695-2900, x2920

Donna Hamilton, 513-695-2900, x7827
SWO-COG Substitute Teacher Trainer and Absence Management Support

Jeanie Camery, 513-695-2900, x2001
Van/Student Transportation


Laura Ford513-695-2900, x2926
Payroll/WCESC Staff

Julie Blackburn513-695-2900, x3070
Payroll/SWO-COG Substitutes

Katie Brown, 513-295-2900, ext. 3100
Payroll/SWO-COG Paraprofessionals

Karla Dunlap
Community School Payroll 513-695-2900, x3101


Tyler McCall,
513-695-2900, x2908
Technology Coordinator

Dylan McGrath, 513-695-2900, x2922
Technology Coordinator

Steve Bowman, 513-695-2900, x3069
Facilities/Maintenance Manager