Truancy Education and Prevention Mini-Course

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Welcome to the Truancy Education and Prevention Mini-Course

Hello and thank you for taking the first step towards improving your child’s school attendance.  There may be a simple solution, or there may be several barriers to overcome. Getting back on track educationally takes work and patience, but you can do it!

My name is Shelley Brown and I am the supervisor of the Truancy Education Program.  I hope you find the information in this mini-course helpful. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, concerns or simply want to talk about your personal situation.

Shelley M. Brown, BA, LSW, LCDC III

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Truancy Education and Prevention Mini-Course

This video course was created to aid parents, grandparents and guardians in problem solving truancy and tardy issues.

Many times parents may see that their child is struggling with tardy or truancy issues but are unsure what to do to correct the problem. We have created this mini-course so that your family can gain knowledge, formulate a plan and make the changes necessary to avoid court.

By the end of the course parents will learn to :

  • Identify Common Pitfalls that Lead to Truancy.
  • Recognize the Truancy Issue your Student is Facing.
  • Take the Next Smart Step with your Student.
  • Set Your Student up for School Success


How to Use Truancy Education Online Course


  1. Watch each video. You will find it helpful to watch together with your student. As the parent or guardian you may wish to preview it before watching with your student.
  2. Discuss together. Discuss with your student what you all have learned.
  3. Next Steps. Decide as a family what action steps you will take next.
  4. Utilize other Resources. Follow the link below each video for additional reading or to print off a printable.
  5. Complete Google Form. If you have been referred by a school representative please follow Google form link below and complete short questionnaire.



Video #1 Student Organization


Additional Reading


Organizational Printables

  • Back to School Contract - Find out how a Back to School Contract can help you and your tweens and teens be more intentional about staying on task. Free printable included.


Video #2 Household Rules


Additional Reading


Household Printables



Video #3 Mental and Physical Health of Students


Additional Reading


Additional Resources



Video #4 Household Communication and Expectations





Additional Reading


Communication Printable




Please Complete This Short Form to Show Completion


Thank you for watching this short video series from Truancy Education and Prevention at Warren County Educational Service Center.

Questions? Please contact us.

Shelley Brown

513) 695-2900  x2993 - office

(513) 889-7278 – cell