Our interns are thrilled to be back at TLC for a great 2020-2021 year. Interns have been excited to be back and learn about various new jobs in the community. This year at TLC has started off differently due to our new protocols to keep our interns and staff members safe.  We are even using desks this year to keep everyone safe! We are so proud of how well everyone is adjusting and working in this new normal.


Pictured below are our interns practicing social distancing and catching up with friends at TLC.












August Employee of the Month: Bailey

August Citizen of the Month: Isabell

September Employee of the Month: Sierra K.

September Citizen of the Month: Logan S.

tlc employees

Back to work for the 2020-2021 year:


Our interns are extremely thankful to be able to continue completing internships this year. We have some of our partners/companies back from previous years, as well as some new places this year!


Dominos: At Dominos, our interns do a wonderful job folding boxes and stacking them in the correct area! They get to fold all types of boxes and they are very efficient!







backtoworktlcHampton Inn: At Hampton Inn, our interns complete various cleaning tasks, just like the housekeeping workers at any hotel. They work hard and even clean all 3 floors of the hotel!










Drugmart: Drugmart is a new site this year! At Drugmart, interns organize items on the shelves and find the spots for items that are misplaced.








hometownHometown Market: Hometown market is a great site! Interns organize the shelves and work hard to find the ‘home’ of misplaces items. They also check for any expired items!









Stonehouse Tavern: This is a new site this year! At Stonehouse, our interns are involved in food prep! They count items and prepare the servings for items like shrimp, fries, tots, chicken, and even fried pickles!







cityviewCity Gate Church: Citygate is another new site! This is large site where the interns have plenty to do! They have been sweeping floors, cleaning the stage, and even helping take care of the plants outside!






crossviewCrossview Church: Crossview is our other church location which is also new! At this church, the interns follow a cleaning checklist to get them through the many rooms at Crossview! There is lots to do!








backtoworkJBM: JBM is a returning site! JBM allows our interns to assist with filing paperwork as well as cleaning the large manufacturing space. Interns even operate the floor cleaning machine at JBM!








We are so excited to be back and looking forward to a wonderful year!

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