Mental Health Department News

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Mental Health Department served three Warren County School Districts, Warren County’s TIP program and three Warren County ESC program.  For the 2021-2022 school year, the Mental Health Department will be continuing to service those programs while adding mental health staff for GOVs and Learning Center. 

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Our district mental health consultants worked actively with students to finish the school year.  At Carlisle, our mental health consultant is working with the district on PBIS and wellness strategies for the upcoming year.  This includes helping to orchestrate a wellness week program and collaborating with local resources to come teach students mindfulness strategies that will improve their ability to focus in the classroom and engage with peers.  This is just one example of the ways that mental health consultants have helped in assisting the district in providing services to students!  Through the previous school year, mental health consultants have worked to learn PBIS strategies and verbiage.  This has allowed them to engage with the district in looking at students within different levels and the needs of those students.  

Within our ESC programs, mental health staff have worked to assist in implementing systems such as PBIS and Circle Forward.  At Phoenix Academy, mental health staff have worked to increase student self-awareness by engaging in lessons regarding social emotional health.  At the alternative school, mental health staff have worked to implement rewards for students through the PBIS model.  Mental health staff additionally planned a field day for students to practice positive social skills and celebrate their achievements for the school year.  

Within the Warren County TIP Program, the mental health therapist has continued work with students.  She has connected with local agencies and begun to build relationships with community partners for students in the program.  

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