Baloo the Therapy Dog Joins the WCESC Team



This year as the Warren County ESC focuses on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging one of our focuses is to bring everyone together and what better way to do that, then through the love of dogs in our community?  

Baloo The Therapy Dog is a four-year-old rescue dog who has been trained by our Director of Social Emotional Learning, Mike Bidwell to be a therapy dog through the Pet Partners organization. Last spring Baloo and Mike passed the intensive therapy dog training and certification process which was a huge accomplishment for this team! Baloo was rescued from severe neglect and had to learn to depend on Mike to learn safety and trust. Baloo has taken this training to the next level and now loves to share what he has learned with students and staff at WCESC! Baloo will be visiting with Mike when Mike does his weekly visits to the school programs and the ESC office.  

Students and staff have the option of visiting with Baloo when he is visiting programs and opportunities to pet and spend time with Baloo will be presented on a regular basis. Many students and staff have already gotten to visit Baloo and students have shared they cannot wait to spend more time with him. Baloo would like to add thank you for all the belly rubs and he is excited to meet more Phoenixes being Safe, Mindful, Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn!  

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