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Nurse 1 WCESC Nurses work in a variety of settings in many districts and WCESC program buildings providing school nursing services in clinics, classrooms, and 1:1 student patient care.

Terri Elam, RN, LSN, Supervisor

Jill Buffenbarger, RN, Supervisor

About WCESC Nursing Services


School Clinic Nursing

School clinic nurses are either a Licensed School Nurse (LSN) or are directed or supervised by a LSN to provide care for students in their building. Some tasks of the clinic nurse include providing first aid, coordinating care of students with chronic or acute health conditions, administering medications, performing procedures, training staff how to recognize and respond to common health-related emergencies, providing vision and hearing screenings, educating families, immunization surveillance, and collecting data for required reports submitted to the Ohio Department of Health.


One on One Care Nursing

WCESC employs nurses who provide 1:1 care to students with complicated chronic health care needs throughout the school day. These nurses meet the student at their home, get report from the family or the student’s at-home nurse in the morning, ride the bus to and from school with the student and spend the day with the student while continuously monitoring their condition and meeting their health care needs while at school. A few nurses meet their students when they arrive at school.

Students Learning and Having Fun at School with the Support of WCESC Nursing Staff

Students are supported by WCESC Nursing Staff in all WCESC programs and various districts across the region. Here are just a few of the nurses caught serving their students, families, and staff.

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