News from the Mental Health Department

mhd1Since the start of the new year, the mental health team has been busy within the programs and districts they serve!  Mental health staff are working hard towards the goal of providing effective, research-based services that allow students to grow and build resiliency. 

At Carlisle City Schools, Erica has been working on groups with elementary students.  She has been able to service 46 students in skill building groups since the start of the year.  Prior to the 21-22 school year, the elementary school did not have a separate mental health consultant position.  This year, Erica has been able to grow supports within the younger population.  Additionally, Tiffany Viel has worked hard at building PBIS lessons for Carlisle.  She works with a team of staff that plan monthly themes and activities for students!  Another district serviced is Waynesville.  Janet is meeting with students across all grades levels and has worked to help facilitate mental health knowledge during health classes at the high school.  At Little Miami School, Jessica, Laura and Meredith have worked hard to manage student situations and assist the school counselors in providing support across all grade levels.

The mental health therapist, Margie, is new within the Warren County TIP Program.  Previously serving at the Learning Center, Margie made the transition to the TIP Program in February 2022.  She is working hard to begin building the relationships with students to address the trauma presented within the student population.

The behavioral interventionist, Jennifer serves at the GOVs program located at the Western Row campus.  Jennifer and the resource coordinator have worked to start Teen Talk programs for students that participate in this virtual education program.  This allows students to come into the building and connect with adults and peers.  Additionally, they are working on completing training with La Soupe to provide education regarding food preparation to the students within the GOVs program.

Mental health staff within four of our ESC programs have been working hard with our increase in students referred to programs!

At Social Communications, Holly has also started conducting groups during the 21-22 school year.  So far this year, each classroom has participated in an emotions skill group to assist students in being able to identify emotions (both verbally and nonverbally).  Holly has adapted group curriculum to fit the different population needs of students within this program.

At the Learning Center, Taylor received the “Measure Up” Award for her outstanding work in going above and beyond in her job duties.  She assisted leadership in managing a student situation with ease and communicated effectively with her supervisor and leadership regarding the outcome and needs of the student.  Additionally, Kellie received the hardhat award from another staff for her hard work at the Learning Center. Congratulations Taylor and Kellie! 

Nina, Justin, Taylor, Kellie and Haley serve on the Learning Center Team.  They are working hard with students on utilizing circle group curriculum and implementing different social skills groups (Friendship and Anger are our current groups).  At the St. Mary’s campus, we have implemented SPARK (Supportive, Proud, Adaptable, Resilient, Kind) Student Groups.  This allows students an opportunity to participate in a group setting with peers that have similar challenges.  Additionally, two internship students, Mary-Kate (who also serves as a behavioral interventionist) and Abby, have been assisting with student sessions and groups within the Learning Center.  Mary-Kate and Jessica sat with Learning Center staff while hosting an open house to districts to view the buildings and have an opportunity to talk to support staff in the buildings.

Amy serves as a mental health consultant at the Alternative School.  She works with the PBIS team to plan fun and engaging events to promote student involvement.  For the Superbowl they competed in a poster contest!

Mental Health Staff attend monthly meetings as a team to develop skills, discuss school-based interventions and collaborate regarding how to best address student needs.  This school year, mental health staff have focused on resiliency factors and building student resiliency.  This has included increasing positive relationships, the importance of safety and, most recently, increasing students’ ability to be flexible.  Staff participate in several activities during these meetings that they can take back to utilize with students within districts and programs.


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