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wellness jklasDr. Sam Ison, Interim Director
Chris Specht, Assistant Supervisor

YMCA Wellness Wednesdays!
On February 2nd, JKLAS students started attending Wellness Wednesdays at the Lebanon Countryside YMCA. Students in need of Physical Education or Health credit have had the opportunity to participate in this weekly activity. YMCA instructors assisted in teaching circuit exercises, healthy eating, and cooking classes. So far, students have learned how to cook a chicken stir fry meal, pigs in a blanket, waffles, and chicken alfredo.

Mondays are for Community Service
Beginning February 14th, JKLAS students had the opportunity to participate in community service at the Lebanon Food Pantry. This kicked off a weekly community service program that takes place every Monday. By fulfilling their community service, this credit goes towards their home districts’ local community graduation seal. Students helped unload the food trucks, stock shelves, and sort donated clothes. Many of clothes that were sorted have been delivered to western Kentucky for families that were affected by the December 2021 tornados.

Bengals Super Bowl Party
On Friday, February 11th, JKLAS students participated in a Super Bowl party including a Cincinnati Bengals fan poster competition and had food from Waynesville’s B&B as well as Bengals themed cupcakes with Super Bowl rings on top. Staff also brought in their favorite Super Bowl party snacks for lunch.

Snakes, Dragons, and Chinchillas Oh My!
On Tuesday, February 22nd, Cool Critters Outreach animal education program visited JKLAS and showed a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a chinchilla, red-footed tortoise, ball python, and a bearded dragon.

Professional Development
JKL Alternative School had 2 days of exciting Professional Development on Friday, January 14th and Friday, February 18th-
On January 14th, we had 3 invited speakers and 2 staff members present throughout the day.
Sally Williamson, former principal of Middletown Garfield Alternative School. She did an excellent job of presenting information on how to educate and work with students who work best in a non-traditional school environment. Sally talked about the “4 C’s”-
• Come to School
• Complete your Work
• Cooperate with Others
• Control Yourself
Shawn Lenny, the Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Virtual School, provided his thoughts on positive relationships with students and how that has worked throughout his career as a band teacher, principal, and executive director. He brought enthusiasm and excitement to the day!

Our own Amy Anderson and Pam Hobbs lead the staff in developing ideas for PBIS at the end of the day. This was concluded with a summation of the day.

On February 18th, Ann Anzalone presented the entire day and kept the staff moving! Her topic was “Learning with Knowledge in Mind.” Ann provided us with physical activities to get and keep the entire mind working-Right Brain & Left-Brain activities. It was an exciting day with staff utilizing her information on the following Monday and thereafter to keep the students connecting learning with physical activities.
WCESC Mental Health Supervisor Jessica Woody during January 18th Staff Professional Development- Staff used their Character Strengths as a team to figure how to make the tallest building using a marshmallow and spaghetti.

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