Wellness Center Celebrates Student Success and Graduations

Wellness Center Graduation Wellness Center students and staff have a lot to look back on and be proud of as the 21-22’ school year comes to a close. Students were shining examples of resiliency and perseverance as they weathered every challenge that arose throughout the academic term. The students were able to grow socially and emotionally through their engagement with peers, learning from classroom teachers/supports, engaging with their therapists, and most importantly integrating their learning with their families. They focused on their academics with great effort to achieve high school graduation and to start the next step in their life journey.


The Wellness Center is grateful for the opportunity to not only work with these students but to also share in their celebration of personal and academic success. We had the opportunity to have two graduation ceremonies including the graduates’ fellow students, family, and Wellness Center team members. Each event was a remarkable representation of the resiliency and drive that our youth possess.  The road to this point wasn’t easy for them however they persevered, overcoming their own unique challenges. They found ways to succeed, to overcome barriers, and are thriving moving into the future. Our students have been instilled with the truth that they are not defined by things of the past but by how they choose to move forward in pursuit of their dreams and goals. The Wellness Center team and the entire WCESC community is proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best of success!

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