St. Mary Workforce

St. Mary Workforce St. Mary's has four students this week at Warren County Community Services that are working towards earning their Community Service graduation seal!  We have been in partnership with WCCS since the beginning of October and we are very excited that our students have an opportunity to work towards graduation seals in our community!  We have 8 students in total volunteering at WCCS that have been working on cleaning and organizational skills.  These students have shown the ability to maintain safe, responsible, respectful, mindful, and ready to learn behavior and have shown that they are ready to take that next step of going into the community.  This opportunity is directly tied to the graduation requirements for the state of Ohio, so we are very grateful to have a partnership with WCCS!  A huge shout out goes to Warren County Community Services for letting us be involved in their organization while learning valuable skills relating to workforce development!

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