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The Warren County Educational Service Center processes home education requests for the following local districts: Carlisle Local, Kings Local, and Wayne Local. The city school districts ( Franklin , Lebanon , Mason and Springboro) process their own requests.

Once we have received the completed notification form, we have 14 days to review it and send you a letter that the information you provided meets the requirements of the State of Ohio.  If the form is not complete it will be returned to you, causing a delay in the process.

Please note: You may not take your child out of school until you have received the letter from our office. Your child will be held truant and may cause your family a legal problem.

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you if you are having difficulty finding the curriculum you need: your local library, as well as the Internet, will be a good resource. If you don't have a home computer, you may use one at your library. There are many home education web sites on the Internet—just type in “home school Ohio ” and search.  Bookstores have books on home education/schooling. 

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