Jill Buffenbarger
Jill Buffenbarger

Terri Elam
Terri Elam

Jill Buffenbarger RN
WCESC Nursing Supervisor
513-695-2900, ext. 2903

Terri Elam RN BSN LSN
WCESC Nursing Supervisor
Licensed School Nurse
513-695-2900, ext. 2959



The WCESC Nursing Services Department provides cost effective staffing solutions for school districts providing state required nursing and health services. Services are tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of the individual school district or educational program with various levels of services performed in a variety of settings such as the school clinic, specialized classroom, 1:1 with medically fragile student at school and on the bus, or summer school - clinic or 1:1.

Staffing options include full time, part time, or scheduled visits to perform a nursing task or to oversee and delegate unlicensed staff to perform nursing tasks.

WCESC nurses receive orientation, mentoring, supervision, and performance reviews from a qualified Nursing Supervisor. Substitute nurses are trained at each site for reliable back up staffing.

1:1 Student Care
Our supervisors provide direction and supervision of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) delivering specialized one-on-one nursing care to students with complex medical conditions including but not limited to:

  • tracheostomy
  • mechanical ventilator
  • tube feedings
  • catheterization
  • wound care
  • medication administration (including emergency medications)

School Clinic
Our school clinic nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) or RN directed LPNs who are knowledgeable of state requirements for medication administration and mandated health documentation, required health screenings and reporting. Case management of students with complex medical needs and the development of Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Action Plans is provided.

Educational Staff Training
State mandated training sessions are also available for medication administration, CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease for preschool licensing, and other trainings by request for educational staff.

Nursing services offered to local districts and to WCESC programs currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Skilled nursing care for medically fragile students 1:1 (during transportation & after school programs as needed) or in a specialized classroom
  • Medicaid billing for reimbursement revenue
  • School clinic nursing providing medication administration, first aid, and care of chronic health issues (diabetes, seizure, food allergy, asthma, tube feeding, colostomy, etc.)
  • Case management of students with complex health care concerns including development and implementation of Individualized Health Care Plans and Emergency Action Plans
  • State required health screenings such as vision and hearing screenings with referrals, follow up and state reports as required by law
  • Delegation and supervision of nursing tasks performed by non-health licensed personnel
  • Compliance reporting for state and local public health mandates such as immunization surveillance and communicable disease reporting
  • Mandatory training sessions for staff licensing requirements:
    • Ohio Medication Administration Training for non-health licensed staff
    • American Red Cross CPR for the school setting
    • First Aid
    • Communicable Disease Training required for preschool
    • Food allergy and anaphylaxis training
    • Seizure response training
    • Other trainings by request