Warren County Transition Network

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The Warren County Transition Network is a collaborative group of community partners working together to improve the transition services for individual with disabilities.  The Transition Network includes the following community partners:  Warren County Educational Service Center; Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities; Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities; Warren County Career Center; district representatives from the 7 area school districts; Ohio Means Jobs, and Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Centers.

The mission of the Warren County Transition Network is to strengthen relationships and communication between community agencies involved in transition in order to improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families. 

Transition was first introduced into law in Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 1990 with the intent that, by fulfilling the requirements, youth would experience a seamless transition from school-based to adult services and supports. However, IDEA is education- based legislation. At this juncture in a youth’s life, a common multi-agency process is needed in order to achieve the outcomes of a meaningful adult life.  This common process should assist all professionals to plan, prepare, empower, educate, and connect across systems so as to consistently assist youth with disabilities to realize meaningful, community employment and other valued aspects of adult life.

This website is intended to provide users with resources and contacts to support multi-agency teams in the transition process for youth with disabilities as they prepare for adulthood. 

For more information or questions please email Amanda Pennix at Amanda.Pennix@warrencountyesc.com