School Crisis Response Team


Dr. Kathie MacNeil, Directorkthiemacniel

The Warren County School Crisis Team was developed in 2011 to serve as a resource for local school districts in such times of crisis.  The purpose of the team is to augment the school or districts team's functions by assisting when added resources are necessary.  At the request of the school or district, the team can serve as intervention specialists in the aftermath of a crisis or as collaborating experts when evaluating at-risk youth.  All team services will be provided under the direction of designated school or district personnel.

Qualifications of the Team
This multi-disciplinary team is composed of members who have been through a comprehensive application and reference check process, and have completed a background check with the past 12 months.  All members are Certified Trauma and Loss Specialists, a designation achived through extensive training from the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children.