Phoenix Academy

Phoenix AcademyAlisha Dean
(K-5 Alternative School)

The WCESC K-5 Alternative School Program was developed out of a county need for an alternative educational programming option for students at those grade levels that are engaging in behavior that prohibits them from being able to maintain safety in their home school building.  Students referred to the program engage in behavior such as significant aggression towards adults and classroom objects; elopement from the classroom; consistent task refusal; emotional regulation difficulties; difficulty with focused attention during academic work thus leading to escape like behaviors.  Students needing this level of programming typically have a lack of school experience before starting kindergarten, have been impacted by trauma, and may have little to no structure in the home environment.

The Academy is new for 2020-2021 and is located at 196 Northcrest Drive, Mason, Ohio.

Contact:   Mike Bidwell, 513-695-290 x2981