Board of Education

Last Updated: 3/25/2021 1:54 PM

Jimmy Allen
Jimmy Allen, President

Jiles Farley

Jiles Farley, Vice President

Nona Cress

Nona Cress, Board Member

Fred Anness

Fred Anness, Board Member

Sally Williams

Sally Williams, Board Member


February 23rd                                1:00 P.M.
March 23rd                                    1:00 P.M.
 April 27th                                                 1:00 P.M.
May 25th                                                     1:00 P.M.
June 22nd                                                   1:00 P.M.
July 27th                                          1:00 P.M.
August 24th                                                1:00 P.M.
September 28th                                  1:00 P.M.
October 19th (3rd Tuesday)                    9:30 A.M.
November 23rd                                          9:30 A.M.
December 21st (3rd Tuesday)                            9:30 A.M.

Meetings are generally scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of each month

*Denotes changed date and/or time due to holidays or other conflicts