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Lt Miami – sensory walk

2Students in Little Miami School District are experiencing a new Sensory Path at Hamilton-Maineville Primary! Kristen Donay, OT and Lori Little, PTA planned and created this sensory experience so that all students have the opportunity to help organize their bodies and be ready to learn. The therapists have been training both students and their teachers in its use and purpose. It has been so well received that there are now plans to incorporate a similar sensory path at Salem Township Elementary!  

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Mission Statement

At Warren County Educational Service Center, we believe in being
a resource to our community partnerships through a holistic life span approach by:

-Collaborating with school districts and communities to develop customized programming for at-risk individuals and families.
-Delivering high-quality services in a cost-effective manner.
-Establishing a supportive environment that promotes growth opportunities, encourages
leadership,and embraces diversity and inclusion.
-Providing safe learning environments for the communities we serve.
-Enhancing the quality of life for a diverse population of learners with opportunities for growth and transformation.