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Warren County ESC has a vacancy for your consideration.

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News & Announcements


High Preforming ESCWarren County ESC has again achieved Ohio’s highest rating that is awarded to educational service centers “High Performing.” This prestigious rating from the Ohio Department of Education is given to ESCs that have demonstrated a cost savings of at least 10% for the school districts they serve. WCESC continually provides substantial savings in the areas of school psychology, speech-language pathology, occupational/physical therapy, school nursing, and for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Warren County ESC saved their client school districts a combined total of $5,247,008.40 (26.39%) in providing these areas and other quality services in programming and related services for students.

Spotlight on Workforce Development

cartridgeWorkforce development is an important focus in every WCESC program. We partner with school districts to promote student success in school and their community, and we celebrate the success of students such as Gavin, who is working two days each week as an Intern at Cartridge Brewing. Gavin is an 11th grader and last week he participated in an interview and tour of Cartridge Brewing in Kings Mills. This week Gavin begins his work experience, he will work two days from 9-12 helping with overall kitchen prep, unloading of deliveries, and learning about the kitchen process. 

National School Psychology Awareness Week

At WCESC, we love our School Psychologists, and we are thankful for their hard work supporting the districts and advocating for children. During the week of November 8-12, 2021 schools throughout the United States will celebrate National School Psychology Week (NSPW) to highlight the important work school psychologists and other educators do to help all students thrive. This year's theme is "Let's Get in Gear." The theme's acronym provides a challenge to grow both personally and professionally. It encourages us to engage in best practices and advocate for children's access to mental health and learning supports. To rise implies resilience and renewal despite the challenges of the past.

National Pysch week .

Mason Lions Club Donations

Mason LyonsThe Mason Lions Club members donating supplies to GOVS and donated three benches to our Western Row Campus. 








WCESC Among Honorees at MADE Chamber 2021 GEMS of Excellence

The dinner event and program recognized businesses/organizations that have exhibited a true team spirit and strong commitment to the MADE Chamber and region throughout the difficulties of the past year and a half.










Attending Representatives of WCESC pictured L to R:Back Row-Scott Wilson, Mike Bidwell, Tom Isaacs, Pat Paré
Front Row-Christy Even, Dr. Kathie MacNeil, Sally Williams, Kara Dirksing

10 Warren County School Districts to Pilot ODH’s Test & Stay Program

The superintendents of public-school districts in Warren County extend our thanks to the Warren County Commissioners for their willingness to provide funding for the employment of school nurses.  Commission President Dave Young and his fellow Commissioners Tom Grossmann and Shannon Jones support the pilot project that will reduce quarantines of healthy students in Warren County schools.






Students who are exposed to COVID 19 but who do not have any symptoms of illness will not be required to quarantine if they have a negative test at day 3 and again between days 5 to 7.  This adds a significant amount of new work to school nurses, and they cannot be successful without additional assistance.  The Warren County Commissioners have allocated federal dollars the County received for COVID relief to allow the Warren County Educational Service Center to employ these nurses on behalf of the school districts.

The Ohio Department of Health is piloting a Test & Stay program in 10 Warren County districts that will begin the week of September 27. Test & Stay is a testing initiative for asymptomatic close contacts of students with confirmed COVID-19. This testing program will allow asymptomatic close contacts to remain in school if they receive an individual rapid antigen test (BinaxNOW) two times during their quarantine period and test negative, as well as wear a face mask while inside their school. Click here to view more 

Cool critters

crittersOur Western Row Campus and The Wellness Center were visited by some furry and slimy friends this September! Our students were able to interact with some very cool animals and learn about them too. We couldn’t thank Cool Critters enough for stopping by and adding some extra joy to our day.

Beautiful morning for our Warren County ESC students from our Multiple Disability Program at the Western Row Campus to putting up the American Flag!

americanflagamericanflag2 americanflag 3


Baloo the Therapy Dog Joins the WCESC Team

This year as the Warren County ESC focuses on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging one of our focuses is to bring everyone together and what better way to do that, then through the love of dogs in our community?  

Baloo The Therapy Dog is a four-year-old rescue dog who has been trained by our Director of Social Emotional Learning, Mike Bidwell to be a therapy dog through the Pet Partners organization. Last spring Baloo and Mike passed the intensive therapy dog training and certification process which was a huge accomplishment for this team! Baloo was rescued from severe neglect and had to learn to depend on Mike to learn safety and trust. Baloo has taken this training to the next level and now loves to share what he has learned with students and staff at WCESC! Baloo will be visiting with Mike when Mike does his weekly visits to the school programs and the ESC office.  
Students and staff have the option of visiting with Baloo when he is visiting programs and opportunities to pet and spend time with Baloo will be presented on a regular basis. Many students and staff have already gotten to visit Baloo and students have shared they cannot wait to spend more time with him. Baloo would like to add thank you for all the belly rubs and he is excited to meet more Phoenixes being Safe, Mindful, Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn!  

K-12 Quarantine in Ohio





The Ohio Department of Health’s goal is to keep K-12 students in school, in-person five days a week. To achieve this
goal, schools must work with their local health departments to identify students who are direct contacts of a positive
case. In-person learning is very important for the development of our children, and can be conducted safely even in the
face of COVID-19, particularly when schools employ layered prevention strategies including vaccination of teachers,
staff, and students who are eligible, masking, social distancing, good ventilation, and good hygiene practices. Adopting
layered prevention measures in schools now will help ensure students can learn in-person as much as possible this
year, and keep children participating in extracurricular activities. Quarantine and isolation remain key strategies for
preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Important note: Exposure risk assessments are necessary and should be conducted by local health departments
in cooperation with local schools to appropriately identify who should and should not be quarantined. Local health
departments have authority to implement the quarantine and isolation process in accordance with Ohio Revised Code

-Click here to read more

Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine and isolation remain the cornerstone of public health work. For decades public health has used quarantine
and isolation as a tool to control the spread of communicable diseases. The local health departments continue to have
the authority and responsibility to issue quarantine and/or isolation orders when appropriate and necessary. Local
health departments are encouraged to consult with their local legal counsel regarding this information and
specific scenarios. 
Health Department Authority for Quarantine, Ohio Revised Code

-Click here to read more 

Face Mask Research

Studies show face masks reduce droplet emission, infection risk, and COVID-19 incidence.

In addition to the studies cited below, the Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation, published Jan. 29, 2021, showed that
children who were close contacts and appropriately masked had rates of COVID-19 that were similar to children with no
known COVID-19 exposure in school.

Laboratory experiments have found that almost all types of masks can greatly reduce droplet emission and viral shedding by ihttps://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/masking-science-sars-cov2.htmlnfectious wearers.

• Fischer, E. P. et al. Low-cost measurement of face mask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets during speech. Sci.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/masking-science-sars-cov2.html
Adv. 6(36), 3083 (2020).
• Leung, N. H. L. et al. Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks. Nat. Med. 26, 676–
680 (2020).

-Click here to read more

Mission Statement

At Warren County Educational Service Center, we believe in being
a resource to our community partnerships through a holistic life span approach by:

-Collaborating with school districts and communities to develop customized programming for at-risk individuals and families.
-Delivering high-quality services in a cost-effective manner.
-Establishing a supportive environment that promotes growth opportunities, encourages
leadership,and embraces diversity and inclusion.
-Providing safe learning environments for the communities we serve.
-Enhancing the quality of life for a diverse population of learners with opportunities for growth and transformation.