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Kona Ice at First Day of School at WCLC

Kona Ice at First Day of School at WCLCStudents and staff from the Warren County Learning Center enjoyed a frozen treat from Kona Ice to celebrate the first day of school. It was great to see old and new friends. We are all looking forward to a successful, safe, and fun 2019/20 school year!

First days back at TLC

First days back at TLC!! Lots of team building and getting to know you activities!! Looking forward to a great year!!


Trauma course - Aug 8-9, 2019

On August 9th over 1,000 school bus staff from 29 school districts in southwest Ohio attended an in-service at Mason High School on behavioral issues on the bus with a focus on autism. Speaker Patrick Mulick provided the workshop Autism: What It Means to US, What It Means to Them. The in-service was more than just an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders, but an in-depth guide of how the world looks to the individual with autism, and how we should be looking back. Simple strategies were shared through explanation, demonstration, and role playing.

Click Here For Informational Slideshow 2019 Informational Video


Mission Statement

At Warren County Educational Service Center, we believe in being
a resource to our community partnerships through a holistic life span approach by:

-Collaborating with school districts and communities to develop customized programming for at-risk individuals and families.
-Delivering high-quality services in a cost-effective manner.
-Establishing a supportive environment that promotes growth opportunities, encourages
leadership,and embraces diversity and inclusion.
-Providing safe learning environments for the communities we serve.
-Enhancing the quality of life for a diverse population of learners with opportunities for growth and transformation.