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Learning Center High School Celebrates Student Graduation

stmarysgradSt. Marys had a record graduating class this year.  2022 saw 6 students graduate.  Finn Lacy (Carlisle) Pictured below; Xavier Anderson (Springboro) Pictured below; Isaiah Williams (Lakota); Caleb Eldridge (Franklin) Pictured below; Zakk Tipton (Little Miami) and Chance Gampfer (Franklin) are our outstanding graduates. 

Our graduates enjoyed a lunch from Raising Canes while family and friends gathered with staff to take pictures and remember and discuss their time at the Warren County Learning Center.  We have two students who will be attending Sinclair College in the fall as well as one student deferring his diploma and finishing his second year at the Warren County Career Center. 

Congratulations to all of our graduates and from the staff at the Warren County Learning Center we wish you the best in all your future ventures, and remember our time with you fondly.

Wellness Center Celebrates Student Success and Graduations

Wellness Center Graduation Wellness Center students and staff have a lot to look back on and be proud of as the 21-22’ school year comes to a close. Students were shining examples of resiliency and perseverance as they weathered every challenge that arose throughout the academic term. The students were able to grow socially and emotionally through their engagement with peers, learning from classroom teachers/supports, engaging with their therapists, and most importantly integrating their learning with their families. They focused on their academics with great effort to achieve high school graduation and to start the next step in their life journey.


The Wellness Center is grateful for the opportunity to not only work with these students but to also share in their celebration of personal and academic success. We had the opportunity to have two graduation ceremonies including the graduates’ fellow students, family, and Wellness Center team members. Each event was a remarkable representation of the resiliency and drive that our youth possess.  The road to this point wasn’t easy for them however they persevered, overcoming their own unique challenges. They found ways to succeed, to overcome barriers, and are thriving moving into the future. Our students have been instilled with the truth that they are not defined by things of the past but by how they choose to move forward in pursuit of their dreams and goals. The Wellness Center team and the entire WCESC community is proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best of success!

Animal Adaptations

giraffe1.The Warren County ESC Phoenix Academy students have been learning about animal adaptations.  As a follow up to their Animal Adaptations science unit and classroom projects Ms. Rose's class went to the Cincinnati Zoo yesterday 5/19/22.  They had a great day sharing their knowledge about animals with each other, learning from the amazing zoo staff and seeing the sights!  

Did you know?? 

The group learned that giraffe tongues are dark colored because of the amount of time they spend in the sun eating leaves in the wild.  The darker color skin on their tongues protects it from sun burn.  That was one of many fun facts the group learned yesterday!

April is National Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month April is National Autism Awareness Month and there are thousands of ways you can help support students with and without autism raise acceptance and awareness. The staff at Western Row Campus wore their Autism Awareness t-shirts every Friday in April to show their support for students with Autism.

On the last Friday of April, the staff came together for a group photo proudly wearing their shirts.

TLC Internships

Grocery land As TLC winds down their school year, many of our business partners wished a fond farewell to their interns for the summer.  Groceryland in Waynesville, Pdi in Springboro, Crossview Church in Waynesville, Ohio Living/Quaker Heights in Waynesville, and Stonehouse Tavern in Waynesville recognized their interns with small parting gifts on the interns’ last day of work.  The partnerships between TLC and these organizations is invaluable.  The interns have learned so many employability skills through their unpaid internships with these businesses.  Thank you for supporting TLC!!!  You are appreciated!!!

Cartridge Brewing partnering with the Warren County ESC’s Learning Center

Thank you to Cartridge BrewingThank you to Cartridge Brewing for partnering with the Warren County ESC’s Learning Center!  Gavin, a junior in high school, completed an unpaid internship at the Brewing Company.  Gavin worked in the kitchen unloading deliveries, preparing meat for smoking, and preparing other food for customers.  Some of Gavin’s team surprised him at work today with a balloon drop.  Gavin was also the recipient of the Prestigious Employee based “Hot Shot of the Month” award. The Cartridge employees voted to present Gavin this award.  Gavin stated that this has been a great experience and that he is looking forward to using his skills on jobs in the near future.  Anthony Cook, Cartridge Brewing owner, stated that having Gavin as part of the team has been a wonderful experience for him and his staff.  Cartridge Brewing looks forward to continuing the partnership with WCESC and working with more of our students.  Way to go Gavin!!! 





























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